Dating scams elenas models dating sites of ukrain

Posted by / 14-Jun-2016 00:26

Dating scams elenas models

Second, my "plan" was to use the site for a couple weeks to check it out, build up a list of potential "dates," and an email list before subscribing for a month and following up with the women on the list. Apparently if you get too many messages and don't immediately respond to them, which requires taking out a subscription, the site just terminates your profile without notice!!

How on earth can this site justify terminating an account as dangerous or fraudulent when the account user hasn't even responded to anyone??!!

Their claims for needing more disclosure from males to maintain the "integrity" of the site is complete nonsense!! "ukrainedate" claims they are trying to protect the women from criminal predators, but criminal predators are not likely, nor in a position to spend thousands to prey on a girl in a foreign country with so many women right at home for free!! Criminal sex deviants on foreign dating sites are literally one in billions!!

Furthermore, a criminal predator is going to have to plow through the same mass of fraudulent women profiles to find the odd legitimate girl to prey on a subscriber has to deal with to find a date!!

In my case, scamming wasn't really a problem, the website administrators themselves were the problem!!First, I got about 3x more messages than profile visits, which should make anyone question the legitimacy of this site and the profiles on it.So much so that if you don't play their game and give them access to your credit card or bank account quickly enough for them, they will just delete you from their service.I can't say yet if the complaints about other sites are true, but of the one's I tried, at least they don't just delete your account for trying to get around the scamming. Not only do they use the same scam agencies as other sites for their women profiles, they also insist on unnecessary disclosure from male subscribers and will delete your account if you don't provide them with the cash they are seeking to relieve you of.Just an average guy in his 40's, divorced, trying out different approaches.

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