Dating old houses

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Some common examples of adaptive use are the conversion of old factory buildings into loft apartments or office space; re-use of barns as dwellings; and the transformation of large single-family estates or mansions into inns or conference and functions space.

An A-Frame house in one in which the sidewalls and roof junctions are omitted, with a gable roof continuing to ground level on two sides, thus forming a structure that is triangular or A-shaped.

Alligatoring describes a particular way in which exterior paint can fail.

You can join the group for a £10 annual subscription.

This type of house became popular following WWII and is typically used for vacation and second homes, particularly in snowy climates, where its form sheds snow easily.Features include: a steeply sloping gable roof; front and rear gables; deep-set eaves; large window openings on the front and rear facades; and a small living space.In doing so, structures that have become obsolete are given a new useful function and are therefore saved from abandonment, decay, and demolition.Good adaptive use projects not only find a new use for old structures, but also find a compatible use that allows a building’s original fabric and significant elements to be retained.The Dating Old Welsh Houses Group The group encourages better appreciation of pre-1700 houses, through study of archaeology, landscape and economic and social history.

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It is actively involved in recording buildings and architecture, and has organised dendrochronology to enable the origins of old houses in North Wales to be better understood.