Dating my martin guitar

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Dating my martin guitar

Pac West acquisition provides enhanced capabilities: Unparalleled Insights Into North American Onshore Oilfield Services and Materials In November 2014, IHS acquired Pac West Consulting Partners, a leading provider of market intelligence to the Unconventional Upstream Oil and Gas Industry.

IHS Pac West plays a critical role in helping both buyers and suppliers of hydraulic fracturing services and related products understand the market dynamics of stimulating production from unconventional and conventional reservoirs and making strategic decisions to support their businesses.

By integrating Pac West Consulting Partners and IHS Energy consulting deliverables, you will see enhancements and new benefits in your subscription services, value in unique customer solutions, and an improved delivery platform.

To learn more about former Pac West products and services within their new IHS Energy home, please use the links below.

This leading NOC needed to quickly identify high-performing upstream assets abroad for purchase as well as benchmark its overall investment portfolio.

See how analysts accelerated the identification and valuation of upstream assets by 99.6% -- from 1-3 weeks to 15-30 minutes -- and positioned the NOC to capitalize on investment opportunities worth millions of dollars.

Learn More About Our Customers Success This Danish energy firm makes expert use of an IHS tool to meet tight deadlines for project bids -- eliminating the need for hundreds of hours of manual cost-estimation and saving 75% of the time required to ramp up an outside contractor -- while giving decision makers confidence in the estimates’ proven accuracy.

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Proppant IQ - Analysis/forecast of US proppant supply, demand, and pricing, by play and proppant type (sand, resin-coated sand, ceramics); including regional pricing indices, logistics and transloading analysis and a marginal cost curve buildup.Pumping IQ - Detailed analysis and forecast of global fracturing services market, including regional breakdown of supply, demand, utilization, pricing, as well as market, and technology trends and analysis of stacked horsepower Water IQ - Analysis of US oilfield water management market, including regional supply, demand, pricing, trends for sourcing, logistics, drill/frac, flowback, treatment, disposal service including competitive landscape One of the world’s largest oilfield services providers reduced uncertainty about parts obsolescence and replacement availability by providing its employees with real-time access to data for 25,000+ parts and eliminating delays to part change notices.The company also ensured compliance with latest REACH, Ro HS and Export regulations.Learn more about our client’s successes This regional energy exploration and production company reduced the time required to generate monthly reports from 1 day to 20 minutes and reduced the workload from 2 full-time positions to one.

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Experienced staff now spends time making decisions instead of making reports and pumpers' accuracy has improved, too.

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