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‘If you are interested, the best thing to do is to send us an email to [email protected] saying you'd like to come along.

Tell us what kind of job you are looking for within the hospitality sector and what experience you have.

The EURES team organising the event will pre arrange 15 minute interview slots with recruiters.

For around an hour at the end of the day, the selected jobseekers who have been invited to the event will be able to freely mingle employers.

The event's organiser, EURES National Coordinator Emmanuelle Mathieu, explains that preselected jobseekers from the Greater Region (Luxembourg, France, Belgium and Germany) will be sent to the event by their respective public employment services.

But people can also apply for an invitation directly.

The benefit to recruiters is clear, they can assess candidates based on direct performance rather than from their CVs thanks to the use some specially developed recruitment exercises.

EURES is organising a job dating event to bring you and a potential employer together.If you are on the lookout for staff, then recruiters are also invited.When questioned after the event, 77% of jobseekers who responded said they were very satisfied with their experience.86% of employers recruited people they had met at the event, resulting in 17 new jobs as a direct result and possible further placements arising from initial contact made.Their event last November attracted 30 companies on the lookout for new staff, including names such as Park Inn Radisson, SODEXO, and Aldi.

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260 jobseekers attended, preselected based on the requirements recruiters had set out.

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