Dating in hell

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Dating in hell

In a preposterous echo of the film Gone Girl, the 22-year-old drove to a remote spot in Hampshire and sent her former lover a melodramatic text message that read: ‘Let the games begin — find Jess.’The farce ended with an innocent local man being held by police for 15 hours as part of an operation costing more than £15,000.

My friend Evie would be content with someone to hold her hand in the cinema, make a fuss of her in a restaurant and not try to get her to transfer her life savings into his account before the end of the first date.Jessica Lind faked her own kidnapping in a bid to win back her boyfriend.At the age of 75, Esther has been a widow for 15 years, ever since her beloved husband Desmond Wilcox died in 2000.Since then, in the long, loveless desert that followed, the nearest she came to romantic happiness was three dates with a man with whom she felt ‘a spark’. ’ cried Mrs Mop, belting off down the garden path, trailing brooms and dusters in her panicked wake.Meanwhile, most single men on the 50-60-70-and-beyond spectrum will go for younger women, a much younger woman, if they can possibly get away with it, the brutes.

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Look at 76-year-old John Cleese, now on his fourth wife, more than 20 years his junior.‘Our relationship is immensely playful,’ he gloats.