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Dating evolved men

"The Man Who Evolved" is a science fiction short story by Edmond Hamilton that was first published in the April 1931 issue of Wonder Stories.In his comments on the story in Before the Golden Age, Isaac Asimov called it the first science fiction short story (as opposed to novel) that impressed him so much it stayed in his mind permanently.

Fifteen minutes in the device leave Pollard with enhanced intelligence and a highly developed physique.

However, he is eager to continue the process and explore the further evolutionary changes mankind will undergo.

Pollard has built himself a cosmic-ray-concentrator that will allow him to evolve at the rate of 50 million years every 15 minutes exposure, but he needs someone else to operate it, which is why he has invited Wright and Dutton to his laboratory.

Wright reluctantly agrees to operate Pollard's device.

The penultimate stage finds Pollard transformed into a vast, naked telepathic brain that feeds on pure energy.

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A final use of the device, to Wright's shock, leaves Pollard a pool of protoplasm, apparently bringing the evolution of humanity full circle back to its beginning.