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Dating coach for women nyc

Dating coaching with Heidi is never a “man hunt” or a “woman hunt,” it’s a journey of self-discovery, personal development, and confidence building which results in a natural and authentic improvement in his/her appeal factor, enhanced communication skills, and wiser choices of partners.

“Before working with Heidi I had no experience with life coaching, and now I cannot imagine a better practitioner than Heidi.

I am a big mouthed radio guy who has been rendered almost speechless at the progress that I have made after an absolutely wonderful coaching experience from Heidi!

I am in my 40s and had been finding it brutally difficult on the social scene not even being invited to a party, picnic, or barbecue anywhere because most people are in “clicks” and will not let me in. As ironic as this seems, since I am employed in radio broadcasting and I can market myself well for that, I am clueless when it comes to knowing how to market myself as a single man looking for love. I was feeling skeptical and fearful of the unknown and she was nothing short of empathetic, kind, and understanding with my situation. ” I was fortunate to meet Heidi when I attended her workshop on online dating.

Over the course of several months Heidi worked with me at identifying and helping me to achieve specific goals involved with starting to date again while going through a divorce.

She is rigorous but compassionate; a perceptive and focused listener.

It is no exaggeration to say that she was instrumental in turning my life around.” -Reuben- “I was lucky enough to meet Heidi Krantz through two referrals – One from a dear friend, Keith, who referred me to her and then through Adrian, the networking Queen. I joined her divorce coaching group in February of 2011 and she made me kindly, but painfully, aware of my need for fun.Her dating success strategies were varied, no nonsense and easily implemented.Her insight, experience, encouraging manner, and methods of empowering us through our dating journey were exceptional.She helped us challenge beliefs that didn’t serve us well, encouraged us to break out of our comfort zones and to evaluate situations clearly and honestly.When I travel with mass transit most women are closed off to the world in their mobile communication devices. She offered me excellent coaching including developing a plan for improved photos taken by a professional photographer. One of these days I look forward to meeting my wife. I had recently been divorced after a long marriage and was looking for both guidance and support as I moved on to the next phase of my life.

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Furthermore, the dating scene is brutal because most people are set in their ways and very picky on whom they will even talk to never mind date and progress into a serious relationship with. Within a few days of recreating my profile with Heidi, I started to send emails and received replies from women. The workshop was so valuable and there was such a powerful vibe among the attendees that we formed an ongoing women’s group to be coached by Heidi.