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Never done that since, I learnt always to buy a straight lead.

Although one disadvantage of a straight lead is that they are prone to breaking wires which the curly leads don't suffer from. Wood instead of a piece of plastic and she had some nice sustain compared to other guitars I tried.

The ash body has 3 single coil pickups and the strings are installed via the String-thru body system.

The guitar came with a wammy arm and I purchased a curly guitar lead at the same time.

It has the exact same appearance as Ritchie Blackmore's guitar at the California Jam 1974 that he played a fantastic live rendition of "Mistreated" on and then smashed it to pieces by ramming it through a camera lens; as one of my degrees was in broadcasting from Ravensbourne I know those broadcast camera lens can be £100, 000.

Hence why Deep Purple lost most of their performance fee to replace the damage.

It's better than many guitars in a higher price range and I believe it's superior to many Fender models.

It's a stratocaster copy, and I quickly came to prefer the sound of Ibanez and Gibson, even Les Paul guitars.The coils have always given a low to medium output. This is one of their stratocaster copies that followed on from their earlier Les Paul copy range.The guitar consists of a solid ash body, SP I pickups, one piece maple bolt neck, Rotomatic tuners, available in Natural and Sunburst. This is the first electric guitar I purchased back in 1987.There is nothing spectacular in the sound, it would be preferable as rhythm guitar and certainly not lead guitar in a metal band.

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The treble setting on the 3 pole switch does have a very good metallic sound to it.