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Each year, current SAM members propose candidates to the SAM HOF Comittee, who select the inductees for that year.

The induction takes place during the Awards Banquet at the conclusion of the SAM Champs. Sal started modeling at the age of 14 in Brooklyn, and was soon designing his own models.

Sal attended and competed in every one of the AMA Nationals starting in 1937—and in every one of the SAM Champs starting in 1966 until ill health slowed him down around 2004 or so.Sal admitted that it took him a while to get this competition thing down right.He didn’t start winning model airplane contests until he was 18---and then he kept on winning and winning.The Society of Antique Modelers owes its roots and continued existence to a group of talented individuals who, over time, have been dedicated to designing, building and flying model airplanes, and those who have supported the SAM movement, dedicated to keeping the art alive.To this end SAM maintains a HOF (Hall of Fame) wherein these individuals are honored and remembered.

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Sal helped many small free flight kit companies set up the dies and cutting tools needed to make kits; Superior Balsa cut a lot of wood for different kit makers.