Dating a lebanese girl

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This is the story of my people, the descendants of the Phoenicians, the traders in purple. This article is not about how the world sees us “Lebanese”, but it is how “I”, a Lebanese who has suffered in the fires of Lebanon, see my people, The Lebanese People.

The population of Lebanon is less than 5 million people (less than 0.1 % of the world’s population) and you would think that no one had heard about the Lebanese people.

The traffic jam was caused by a security check on the Airport road.

I wasn’t even planning to write this article this soon (certainly not before writing the Stereotypes of bigger nations like France, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Canada, Australia… So I came to Lebanon yesterday, I had a lovely trip, the seat to my left was empty, and on the one next to it (i.e. The Etihad cabin crew were sweet and sexy and made my trip lovely by accidentally bumping my shoulder with their firm asses; a bonus service which I really appreciated. It is simply because I am on vacation and I am in Lebanon.window seat) sat a lady in her 30s or 40s from Bangladesh who had been working in Lebanon for 15 years and spoke Arabic very fluently (we still have tourists, YES… My trip was perfect, we arrived to Beirut Airport 10 minutes early and there was no Queue on the arrivals security check and the baggage arrived immediately.5 minutes after leaving Beirut Airport, my perfect trip came to an end, we got stuck in a traffic Jam in “Ghobeiry”.“The Lebanese Horror Story” started decades ago, so the Lebanese have been immigrating since the early 18 hundreds.

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