Dating a guy out of pity

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Dating a guy out of pity

He kept telling her it won't work but she did not believe him. why is it that he did not keep another girlfriend openly and let everybody know that he has moved on, in that case if the gal decide to give am free chopping, guy go gladly chop and clean mouth.

Of course if you date someone for ten years then you should marry her but in actual fact very few men do that. Can't see how he would have attempted to break up with her during the 10 years without succeeding. That will be unfair on both of them in the long-run; unless of course they both don't mind being in an unhappy marriage. , The guy don dey take mouth and body talk, she no wan know! Anyway, I wouldn't advise the guy to marry the lady if he is indeed not in love with her, because even married people that love each other still have issues, let alone, one without equal love, but the man should in all sincerity, tell the lady, ask her if she wants a marriage in which he will be unfaithful or bad to her. There is no need wasting a gals time, if na chop you wan chopbro, it's called: "to have your cake and eat it too". if a man openly tells a gal he wont marry her, but she still sends the "frisbee" his way, why shouldnt he chop it?

Give a 6 month trial to where she is the only one you are dating and focus on the relationship to see if your feelings change. I suspect you are juggling so many ladies at once, and this is making your eyes closed to the possible jewel and blessing in your life. so, no matter how most women focus solely on marriage, they may end up with such man.2mch: The guy is lying about not having any feelings for the girl for 10years. Knock on wood, dude has a woman of interest that has diverted his feelings suddenly. Now he has come to the conclusion that all those years were pity. abi things don better for the boy now and he realised that the gal is no longer "his type".

If you did not love her in the first instance then how did you find yourself in a relationship? It makes it easy for him to justiify and dispose the girl. he should lie on the bed he laid on and not look for any supported clubi wonder why a woman will date a guy for 10years and the guy no marry you .^^^ bro, if you date a gal but tell her you would never marry her, YET, she still hangs around and hands over her toto whenever you want.

And a woamn should also not let a man date her for more than two or three years without marriage, if she's the marrying type.10 years no be beans. I will not support his marrying her, it would be a living hell for both of them, they should just part ways, It is good for the girl!!! But lets be realistic, if a guy can be bold enough to tell a lady that marriage btw them can't work out, what does the lady want, a lady can utter such a statement if she is annoyed or something and may not mean it, but I know men usually think so very hard before saying things like that, so it is a no win game for the lady, let the lady look for anopther person, 10 years broken relationship is far better than 1 year broken marriage or 1 year unenjoyed marriage, I tell you Everyone hopes for a long marriage. the joke is on the gal who think he will change, not on the HONEST guy!

If she will make a good mother and wife then try to find it in your heart to give her a chance, and try to give it a chance. If he is willing to tell the truth here and confess to the other relationships he has had concurrently you will be surprised. if he can date her for 10years out of pity, then he should go ahead and marry her out of pity for dating her for 10years nah tink about all the time the gal must have put in the relationship, her investment, her encouragement, her body, her money( maybe), plenty oother things.

It makes it easy for him to justiify and dispose the girl. if she does then she is doing HIM a favor so that he can simply tell everyone that SHE left him, lol!

Break it off firmly and at the same time compassionately.

Make sure you explain well that you dont love or have any feelings for her. Just do it gradually and with time she will move on.

Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Family / Would You Marry A Girl You Don't Love Out Of Pity After Dating Her For 10 Years? Furthermore his family like the girl so they sort of kept forcing the guy not to break up the relation. i have a cousin who was a true born player, he had this gal that he dated for 4years, he constantly told the girl that he wouldnt marry her, we all loved this gal, but he didnt love her that much and kept telling her. Guess what, the moment he found a gal he loved and later married, he started dating the gal openly!!! at the beginning of his new relationship, he was still chopping as long as the other babe drop. if she decided that it was ok to stay in this r/ship, knowing fully well that it was NOT marriage bound, then she has only herself to blame in this story.

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(6555 Views) If You Didn't Play With These Dolls As A Girl,you Are N't Ripe For [email protected] / My Wife Is Dating Her Boss. He feels trapped and has again told the girl the marriage thing won't work but she does not want to reason with him. in this time and age, stick to a guy for 10 years?? 10 years relationship, what is that, can't imagine it, did they start while they were still toddlers, lol? But after a while he stopped and moved on with his the new gal. MRbrown JAY:i am sorry to say that it's HER life, HER choices and therefore i would have no say in the matter because SHE is the only one that will live that life (thats if i had a sista of course)people should live with the consequences of their actions.

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