Dateline internet dating scams

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Dateline internet dating scams

Tim Dog responded to that post, saying in part: “This accusation about Tim Blair is false.The information given about me was manipulated to create a negative image and defame my name, thus attempting to hurt my ability to earn money in my profession which I have spend the last 20 years establishing.” In the era of the Internet, however, bad news travels fast and more stories started popping up about Tim Dog.Now it’s around 50p and has taken its nosedive due to press articles and programmes like the one below.[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”3074″] Behind the apparently professional facade – those fancy looking sites with attractive people just waiting to meet you, there is a darker side – dating scams.

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(June 25, 2012) For many years rapper Timothy Blair, known as Tim Dog, had an apparent secret way of padding his income.

He would use online dating services to woo women, then get them to invest in a “music project” he was working on with promises of returns that never occurred. And once Dateline NBC got involved, the scam would be exposed for the world to see.

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Even rap bloggers like Jacky Jasper, started warning people about Tim Dog.

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The reports had the making of a good story and Dateline NBC jumped on it, using hidden cameras to catch Tim Dog apparently conning yet another woman…

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