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To pass the time, Vale listened to recordings of the Sangheili's language and compared them to translations performed by artificial intelligences.

She eventually taught herself the language and even proved several of the AI translations incorrect or correcting the inaccurate translations.

The story follows a young boy named Link, the only member of his forest village without a fairy.Link is sealed away, and when he wakes up seven years later, Hyrule has become a dark and twisted version of its former self.All is not lost though: there exists one final hope in Link, who is now old enough to wield the Master Sword and accept his true destiny as the Hero Of Time.While en route to the Sol system, their ship's slipspace drive failed and the trip ultimately took six months to return to inhabited space, After annoying the others aboard the ship with her endless questions, she was shunted aside and ignored.Following some prophetic dreams, he is gifted a fairy named Navi by the Great Deku Tree — the guardian of the forest — and asked for his help to remove an evil curse.

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This is merely the start of an epic journey that takes Link from the sanctuary of his Hidden Elf Village to the magnificent Hyrule Castle and then to all points of Hyrule in a quest to stop the evil thief-king Ganondorf from seizing the power of the omnipotent Triforce.

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