Dangers of carbon 14 dating

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This includes rocks like basalt, which is a type of solidified lava.

How can scientists claim rocks, fossils or a bone or tooth to be of a certain age?

What methods are used for this dating and are they reliable?

Despite of the fact that scientists in general consider these dating methods to be very reliable, there are several critical factors that must be known to be true: The above assumptions can be (and are) challenged by various argumentations, and there are examples known of objects for which the exact age is known and they were dated completely wrong by radiometric dating.

However, knowing its limitations can be a valid basis to question its application and it should not be assumed to be more accurate and absolute than it is often made to be.

Another significant limitation of radiometric dating, is that only rocks can be dated that are igneous, rocks which were formed on the site.

Radiometric dating is based on the fact that some radioactive elements undergo decay to produce new elements.

For instance, in the case of uranium-lead dating, uranium 238 (the parent element) will eventually decompose to lead 206 (the daughter).

Or for radiocarbon dating, the carbon 14 isotope will decay to regular carbon in carbon dioxide.

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