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One thing all house hunters have in common is that they know what they want.They dont randomly wander around looking at houses [...] Continue Reading Add comment If you think sexting is cool, think twice. Far too many women today think it’sokay for men to send them sexually explicit texts and messages, or to send them to men, and that is a real problem. Keith Ablow, I do not buy the notion that women and men are no different from one another sexually, and that the newfound freedom of women today to hook up frequently with random menis a positive thing.One thing that Jim doesn’t have is a great relationship with a woman.He is [...] Continue Reading Add comment If you’re setting intentions for the new year, this one may be your most important.Nina Atwood, author and internationally known dating coach, will guide you step-by-step to fulfilling your dreams of a loving, lifetime soul mate relationship.

Develop this one emotional tool and it will change everything. Jim is a very successful executive who absolutely loves his job helping to run a mid-sized company. He’s super kind and considerate of others, one of the many reasons he is a great leader and his team reveres him so much.Jim will retire in his mid-fifties a multi-millionaire, hard earned and well deserved.There is ONE THING that will make this your best year ever for dating. Usually its a couple, searching for the perfect home for their family.Getting on the same page with the wish list is sometimes a challenge, but by the end of the show, theyre happily at home in their new abode.Use Singlescoaching to create your own personalized dating game plan so that you can find and keep a lasting love!

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NINAS NEWEST BOOK: Read Do you feel thwarted in love?