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Croatian on line dating

Croatia has a lot of “good” girls who don’t drink at all and want a serious relationship.You want to dump those prospects if you’re not staying long. A common issue you’ll find on the first date is girls who want to bring their friends along. You need to push the interaction as far as you can go.As a general rule, if you’re in a club where the girls aren’t genuinely excited you’re a foreigner, you should go somewhere else. Since so many girls go out in pairs, it’s better to roll with a wingman than solo dolo. Even if a Croatian girl is playing aloof, she can turn on a dime once in a private room. The less snobby the club, the more acceptable it is to buy a girl a drink without getting “punished” for it.A problem you’ll face if you ‘re going out solo is that a girl doesn’t want to leave her friend alone. Croatian girls already have an elevated perception of themselves and get compliments all the time. Croatia isn’t like other Eastern European countries where girls are generally upfront and honest with their intentions—they will play you if you give them the opportunity, especially the higher end venues. Croatian girls are extremely receptive to day game. Even if she has headphones and seems focused on her music, it can still go well. Croatia is one of those places where both indirect and direct game work.

Don’t let them or you’ll get stuck in a hellish group chat. If you don’t at least get a kiss, the odds that number will lead to a date is 25% or less. They are accomplished attention whores and will string you along. The best way to fight it is to be more selective about the venues you choose.

If you get a passionate kiss with some hand-holding at the end, over 50%. If you didn’t at least get a phone number, you got nothing. Large clubs have the hottest girls, but they are harder to approach and you will end up getting cockblocked incessantly.

So much of a successful Croatian experience will be based on the venue. Older women will be able to resist your logistical game. Similar to the above point, all your dates should be close to your apartment.

Going from the best venue to the worst, you may even feel like you’re in a different country. If your date venue is more than half a mile away, you’re already shooting yourself in the foot.

What I did was open indirect, chat for a couple minutes, and then hit her with a compliment about her “positive energy” to see how she’d respond. ” If she had a boyfriend, she would then announce it with a guilty look on her face. Always go for the insta-date, especially if you’re doing street game.

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