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Credits backdating

You need to claim for each of them, they’re not paid automatically.

Make sure you claim - within one month from baby’s birth for tax credits and three months for Child Benefit.

I claimed tax credits as now qualify for the disability element but they will not backdate the tax credit award to the date of PIP award even tho I submitted the request in writing as stated on the HMRC website on app of tax credit as per the instructions on the said website. I have had no award notice but amounts paid in bank & no correspondance on anything or any discisions on tax credits or replies to my queries..searching online this seems to be the morn re tax creds!!Hi PIP awarded after 3 mths with no medical, so many many thanks for all your help, its such a relief.Thought it would be pretty straight forward now but nooooo......Both of these benefits can help your family finances stay Money Fit, but governments can change the amounts, or eligibility criteria, so it's probably best not to rely on them too much.Make your claim and provide the evidence later, but within one month.

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Child Benefit and tax credits can be a big boost to the family budget.