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Consolidating customer information

Take the inbound call-centre with its expensive 08xx number as an example.An organisation’s ability to get accurate, real-time information about customer engagement is vital in today’s multi-channel world.Every business is keen to reach out to as many prospects and where possible, use digital channels to lower the cost of acquisition or sale.As part of the consolidation process a plan may create, remove and vary restrictions and easements created in earlier plans or dissolve an owners corporation.The plan can also deal with land that has a reserve status under Section 24A of the .

Regulation 8 of the Subdivision (Registrar's Requirements) Regulations 2011 outlines information that must be on plans of consolidation lodged at Land Use Victoria.

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Whilst this race for space continues and the touchpoints multiply across mobiles, tablets, wearable technology, smart TVs and kiosks, so we have to be mindful to ensure that we have the power to track, report and properly engage the customer from a service and experience perspective.

Unfortunately, many organisations have not woken up to this fact.

All new plans of subdivision lodged with Land Use Victoria are lodged under Section 22 of the Subdivision Act 1988) necessary to make a development functional.

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A plan of subdivision may also remove or vary restrictions and easements (created in an earlier plan of subdivision), with a planning permit under Section 23 of the A plan of consolidation allows an applicant to consolidate two or more parcels of land into one marketable parcel.