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Afterward they both beamed with satisfaction and pride–perhaps a sense of relief.

The ensemble includes friends, sisters, mothers and daughters from the community.“ are a transformational experience for the audience but especially the women that perform the monologues.“We get few women that have any acting experience and most of the women are fearful of doing anything on stage but something inside them brings them and they are excited to be there.” While the audience that comes to see the show is primarily women there are men who come to the show also to learn and try to understand these issue because, “you can’t do this type of advocacy without male participation,” says powerful stories that connect and create conversation between the women in the audience and those performing the monologues.

Professionally, Norma has moved away from directly working with women but she still does a lot of volunteer work with women in the community.

My mother recounted the nerve wrecking experience of preparing and taking her citizenship test.

With over 800,000 new citizens in 2000 that number dropped by almost half by 2003 and didn’t see a significant increase until 2008 at over one million.

It was my parents who modeled this civic duty and by the time I turned 18 I understood the value of registering and showing up to vote on election day.

What struck me about the monologues was when she mentioned Mujeres Latinas en Acción is the only organization in the city presenting in Spanish.

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Norma has been working with a group of women on the monologues and guiding them through the rehearsal process.

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