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Bass frequencies are a bit modified too, in the sense that they slightly become blurred Concerning the DSP, one must precise that it doesn? Turtle Beach only released a beta-version of a piece of software to program. m not saying it is bad, but it is too expensive regarding what it offers. It is possible to create sounds thanks to the soundcard ROM and to the KURZWEIL sounds. Nevertheless, I only record for the moment guitars (Squier Strato or electroacoustic Epiphone) and voices, in a small room (with no important echo).

The Guillemot maxi 64 home studio card seems to have a better quality/price rate. t hesitate to visit my Web page to see how I use my soundcard. You can download on the technical support site the many drivers and updates as well as the Help Files. We load the wave files and the configuration files, and then we have new sounds. Considering the weakness of my hearing, used by Walkmans, the quality is very correct.

Bass frequencies are a bit modified too, in the sense that they slightly become blurred.

The result is a systematic conflict between these two cards in plug & play installation. Concerning these two last points, I must precise that if you want to make your sounds with the internal samples, or use the sampling part, you will need a lot of courage. They all have been solved without difficulties (in comparison with what I can read about some cards?

Possibility to extend with a daughterboard: I tried the DBX50XG (background noise ++), Terratec (no background noise, but no sound at all). MIDI : KURZWEIL GM technology (MA-1), 48 voices of polyphony, 4Mo of samples compressed into 2Mo. In fact, some address conflicts, solved without difficulties from Win95. Concerning the sound, I am satisfied with the converters. Concerning this card, my advice is to read the criticisms made on the FIJI soundcard, because these two cards are the same, except that the Pinnacle has its own KURZWEIL sample table. t allow you to have wonderful effects (reverb, chorus, etc.). It is not at all user-friendly, and has gaps worthy of a beginner. The sampling part is too difficult to use, and the simple fact of writing ? Moreover, I load samples (audio cd or free samples cd) that I use on the VST Audio Tracks Finally : no special problems with this card, but this is the opinion of a new comer in CAM (and in music in general). suits me well, and seduced me because of its Audio qualities, its easy sampling and its correct GM sounds.


I had the same problems installing it, but it was due to my Adaptec 2940U/UW SCSI card. The DSP just allows the computer not to use DMA channels, so the processor can be relieved. Moreover, this beta 6.0 version has been released for six months, and there are no news of an update. I have the impression that this card is now too old? Problems in my system were due to hardware (IRQ conflicts of a serial port with NSR5) or software (well-known details in VST).

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