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To me, I had no option but to do what I did to protect my father.ANDY PARK: Clarence Hausler became a resident at the Mitcham Residential Care Facility, or MRCF, in 2002.How frustrating is it to have a loved one who can't communicate the trauma they're going through?NOLEEN HAUSLER: I knew what was happening was wrong, but to other people who perhaps didn't know him as well, it didn't seem to be taken on as seriously as what I thought it was.NOLEEN HAUSLER: They were cutting costs, so the less expensive options were what was going to be available. ANDY PARK: Noleen Hausler began noticing odd bruises on her father's body.If it wasn't for a daughter's secretly-placed video camera, the physical abuse of her father might still be happening.Andy Park reports on this disturbing case in Adelaide, and a warning: this story contains images that may upset some viewers.NOLEEN HAUSLER: It was owned by Whelan Care and they were very good.

NOLEEN HAUSLER, CLARENCE HAUSLER'S DAUGHTER: My dad is a very quiet, moralistic, genuine, caring father.

ANDY PARK, REPORTER: Today, like every day, Noleen Hausler is visiting her 89-year-old father in his Adelaide nursing home.

A hidden camera in an Adelaide nursing home has captured footage of a staff member appearing to attempt to suffocate an 89-year-old man, prompting calls to legalise the installation of cameras in the private rooms of aged care facilities.

SABRA LANE, PRESENTER: Tonight, a case of shocking elder abuse, which advocates say is on the rise in nursing homes across Australia.

NOLEEN HAUSLER: Dad at the moment has got end-stage dementia, so he needs total 24/7 care. He's very restricted with his ability to be able to communicate, even though he still can and mostly that is probably with me because I know him so well.

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ANDY PARK: So well in fact, that last year she saw signs in her father's blank expression that concerned her.