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(35 printed pages) Download Serial_Comm_from the Microsoft Download Center.

Introduction Serial Communication in Industry Serial Resources Testing Serial Solutions Graphics with GDI+ Pocket PC Sample Smartphone Sample Simulator Sample Code Walkthrough Using Serial Ports in the Emulator Conclusion Many professional mobile solutions involve communication over a serial (also known as a communications [COM] or RS232) port.

Most commonly, Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment uses serial ports to provide position data.Even though most mobile devices do not have a physical serial port, the cradle usually provides one.Also, there are several emulations of serial ports; the most common examples are infrared, Bluetooth, universal serial bus (USB), and virtual serial ports.But there are many other examples where serial communication is still widely used, and these include: Communication with modems includes using instructions for configuration and for making calls.The instructions used are normally the Hayes AT commands.

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