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I can also be your local tour guide or share my knowledge of European culture.

私の自己紹介を読んでくれてありがとう。^^I am currently studying to be an English language teacher and am constantly striving to improve my English level to proficiency.

I have been interested in Japanese anime, fiction, food, music and language for a long while and am very keen to find a conversation partner who can help me practise speaking and share their knowledge and insights of Japan.

I would be happy to meet friendly people with whom I can develop foreign languages :) Also I can help with Bulgarian language if someone want. I should also help you with whatever I can for Bulgarian. I can guide visitors on Bulgarian mountains and cities.こんにちは!

My dream is to become a teacher, but I would also like to write a book one day and publish it.

I am willing to help anyone practice their English. I'm interested in music, TV shows, movies, oh, and I study Economics.

In zwei Jahren steht mir die DSD-Prüfung bevor und ich möchte mich perfekt darauf vorbereiten. :) Gerne würde ich euch zum Tausch Bulgarisch lernen helfen :) Hello. I speak fluent English and I've lived in the United states for some time. KT: annie1a ^^ *I'm not a Gold member* Hi, I'm Natalia, from Bulgaria and I'm 23.

Seit 2 Jahren lerne ich Deutsch an einem Fremdsprachengymnasium in Bulgarien. If you want to practice your English or German, I can help you with that as I am fluent in both, or if you want to learn Bulgarian, feel free to text me!

Now I'm very interested in studying all the Scandinavian languages I think it would be better to contact through skype. :) I search friends, I like strong,independant,true people.

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