Bpd dating stories

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Bpd dating stories

The illness typically develops in late adolescence or early adulthood.

“People with bipolar disorder spend about half of their lives depressed and about 10 percent hypomanic or manic,” he says. Diagnosing bipolar disorder is difficult and can be like looking through the facets of a gem. There are several, more subtle forms of the illness.

Psychiatrists have brought order to the disorder by categorizing the many manifestations of bipolar disorder into four main categories: Bipolar I, Bipolar II, Cyclothymic disorder, and Bipolar NOS (Not Otherwise Specified).

There is no fail-safe remedy for bipolar disorder, and the symptoms of the diagnosis can often change throughout the life of the individual.

For these reasons, bipolar disorder can be very difficult to identify and treat. Nassir Ghaemi, MD, an associate professor of psychiatry and public health at Emory University, one of the primary reasons bipolar disorder can be difficult to diagnose is because most people do not report mania to their doctors—only their depression. The other part is that being manic can feel good whereas depression doesn’t, so it’s the symptom that gets all the attention.” As a result, it can take years before someone is accurately diagnosed. Ghaemi, the average person delays seeking help for five to 10 years and then “they’re usually misdiagnosed as having unipolar depression.” In those cases, antidepressants are usually prescribed, which can cause mania and worsen the illness. Ghaemi, who directs Emory’s Bipolar Disorder Research Program, says it takes most people more than a decade and an average of 3.3 psychiatrists before they receive a bipolar diagnosis. “This illness manifests in many different ways,” Dr. “No two people experience it exactly the same way.” That’s why bipolar isn’t just called “manic depression” any more.

The bipolar classifications in this article are loosely paraphrased from the DSM-IV—Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition published by the American Psychiatric Association, research by the National Institute of Mental Health, and interviews with leading bipolar experts.

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Bipolar I This is the most severe type of bipolar disorder and the classic type.

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