Bobby brown dating

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Bobby brown dating

“I’d just keep going and steal me a new pair.”)More significantly, there are the persistent rumors that Houston is gay (which she has repeatedly denied) and that Brown is a crackhead (which he has repeatedly denied).He was, however, definitely a ladies’ man (“Getting girls is how I live,” he once sang); he has three children, by two different women.She’ll wear the same thing two days running, while he travels everywhere with two extra pairs of shoes in case he gets tired of the ones he’s got on.(“Even as a kid I could never wear dirty sneakers,” he says.There are two different levels to this bash, and in the V. On the surface, this couple seems remarkably mismatched.

“And this is the greatest party in years.”The mob is penned in by scaffolding and booths marked in big red letters: cajun popcorn, fried chicken, vegetable pantry, and fruit. tier, record execs are chatting each other up; members of Bell Biv De Voe are munching on shrimp; and Sinbad is trying to conduct a radio interview with Mr. Despite the crowd screaming over the sound of “Humpin’ Around,” playing over and over and over Dressed in a pale-pink, loose-fitting silk suit, she is sitting at a table in between Robyn Crawford, her executive assistant, who bears a striking resemblance to Detroit Piston ace Isiah Thomas, and her new mother-in-law, Carol Brown, who is visibly ecstatic about the party. “But when you see them together, you know it’s love.”There was certainly reason to wonder.She’s a morning person; he gets up at two in the afternoon.She is so devoted to her two Akitas, Lucy and Ethel, that she reportedly built a ,000 house for them, a miniature version of her New Jersey mansion; he is afraid of dogs.“I think women are God’s gift to this earth,” explains Brown. Anybody who tells you, ‘Well, I want artistic creativity,’ they’re still trying to get a record off the ground.“But,” she continues, “I already had my own little stuff in my pocket and Clive knew that.It’s a balmy evening in late summer and just for tonight the sprawling back lot at Universal Studios has been transformed into Bobbyland.

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There are posters of Bobby’s new album cover blown up billboard size; walls of TV monitors playing Bobby’s newest video, “Humpin’ Around”; and partygoers mingling in baseball caps that read, simply, “Bobby.” It’s been four years since Bobby Brown’s last album, ) without a great deal of fanfare. tent, looking characteristically dapper in a pale-green suit, a matching polka-dot shirt, and his trademark diamonds (watch, ring, pendant), he makes a beeline for the table, and his wife and mother beam in harmony.

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