Bloom dating

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Bloom dating

In one of the more curious celebrity-gossip items of late, TMZ posted some pictures earlier this week in which Orlando Bloom (who has been dating Katy Perry for the past few months, even wearing matching Tamagotchis with her to the Met Ball last week) was seen . Maybe Perry thought it was the most normal thing in the world to see these pictures! we’ll go with a thing” images, but they also indicated an extreme closeness between Gomez and Bloom (who have been photographed together before, and would seem to have some sort of ongoing friendship) that would, at the very least, presumably incite some kind of “ummmm....? Though, on the other hand, who knows what these three people—all of whom have been famous for a while now—are or aren’t, or were or weren’t, aware of, or confused about.“Instead of giving energy & eyeballs to dumb conspiracy,” she wrote, “check out how cool this is” (though, of course, since this is Katy Perry we are talking about, the two “o”s in “cool” were rendered as eye-emojis).She signed off her tweet with the hashtag “#dontfeedthebeast.”And, fully closing the loop, Gomez then promptly retweeted Perry’s message, adding, simply, a prayer-hands emoji, as if to say, “This is over.”But will this truly end our odd week-long journey, attempting to understand the complex dynamic between two pop stars and a 39-year-old actor? Will Ellen De Generes be able to resist inquiring about the situation the next time any of the three of them is on her show? But, for now, publicly at least, it seems there is, amongst them, peace.Selena can be seen leaning towards Orlando and putting her arms around his neck. However, Selena was seen returning to her hotel room alone so hanky-panky is definitely out of the question.Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom were caught cuddling and kissing in a club in Las Vegas last Friday, TMZ reports.According to the entertainment news guru, the 23-year-old singer hosted an after-party at Light in Mandalay Bay after performing at the hotel’s concert venue. (And really, after seeing Orlando Bloom's abs we'll support any activity he wants to do shirtless.

While none of the three parties released a statement following the turn of events, Perry tweeted, late Wednesday night, somewhat cryptically, a link to Peggy Lee’s “Is That All There Is?

,” which, of course, worked the gossip blogs into something of a frenzy, no doubt commissioning Photoshop renderings of Perry bludgeoning a Tamagotchi with a baseball bat, tearing a about his work as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador in Eastern Ukraine.

Sources revealed Bloom received a last minute invitation and decided to surprise the former Disney star and from what we can tell from the photos, things got very physical, very quickly.

In the images, released on Tuesday, the celebrities are shown getting up close and personal in a private booth.

Great news from the land of love today: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are not just another rumored romance dreamed up by tabloids and fans of hot people getting together. ET reports that the two are currently in Hawaii (ROMANCE) vacationing together, doing super coupley activities like eating dinner!

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Spicy.)But the most magical thing about all of this? Remember when they were spotted canoodling and smelling each other at a Golden Globes after party?

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