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Blog for online dating

While I have the mic, I’d also like to take some time to say that we at Stu Cu are pretty happy to say goodbye to 2014.

E.g., below: As previously mentioned, I have a strict policy not to blog about guys I am seeing.So sorry for being a total tease (obviously not that sorry because, HURRAY! Anyway, I promise in the new year I’ll figure out a way to keep posting about dating.I mean, we all know meeting new people is horrible, no matter when you do it.But December is particularly bleak because people’s schedules are insane with awkward office holiday parties, family dinners, yankee swaps, etc.And, if things end, then you can get ready for the series of sad, self-deprecating posts filled with Avril Lavigne songs and Lena Dunham GIFs that are my post break-up speciality.

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