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“It's a red flag if a guy wants to date you right after he broke up with your best friend, especially if they were serious,” warns Burton.

“If he's flirting with you a few weeks later, it's probably more to make her upset and show he can get a girl who's supposed to be off-limits, than any genuine interest in you.”Take it slow!

After all, it's one thing if he was your friend's college flame and you bump into him 10 years later in an Italian cooking class and bond over lasagna.

It's quite another if he dumped her last weekend and wants to hook up with you now.

“That sounds so ominous, but your day-to-day dynamic and the context of what you share with each other will be different,” says dating expert Natasha Burton, co-author of The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags.

“I'd caution women to take stock of their friendship and ask 'Is this guy really worth it?

'” Ask yourself Are you drawn to the excitement of plucking forbidden fruit?

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Or is there an authentic connection that you can see going the distance?

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