Barn dating

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Barn dating

The field grown Sacred Oak in the Oley Valley in Berks County, Pennsylvania has been connected to Native Americans for hundreds of years.Fully intact slices of tree trunk would yield hundreds of annual growth rings. The tree is now thriving under the wonderful care of a new owner.They are the following: The first criterion is that a waney edge must be present in the obtained wood sample – either a core of wood or slice of wood.Before that time, the science, art and philosophy of dendrochronology – aka – dendro-dating – was mostly limited to the determination of ages of buildings under the control of certain public and some private institutions.

Dendro-dating can be a very effective although not foolproof way of creating data that can often lead to discerning the age of construction of various buildings and structures in the northeast and beyond.

There are, however, certain criteria that must be satisfied or met in order that a wood testing on any particular building will yield good to even excellent but not guaranteed results.

The oak slice from the Tredyffrin double log crib English Lake District style bank barn located near Devon in Chester County, Pennsylvania was dendro-dated to 1779.

This barn type is an extreme rarity in Pennsylvania.

Not all wood samples from timber frames or other beams in various buildings and structures are good candidates for dendrodating.

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