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In many South American Indian myths, the vulture is the first possessor of fire, which a Demiurge, generally helped by a toad, steals from him.

In Black Africa, the Bambara take this symbolism to its ultimate limits on the mystic plane with the grade of initiates known as the ‘Vultures’.

This revelation gives the dying victim something to think about before giving up the struggle.

Conversely, a dream vision involving the birds eating carrion, may be reflective of our own parasitic behavior which may take advantage of the destruction, or loss, of another.

In this particular case, our demise should be evaded by every method at our disposal.

Appropriately, we need to analyze all other elements of the vulture dream landscape, including flight, heat, the desert, absence of water, and the full connotation of death itself.

The Maya made the royal vulture, feeding on the entrails, a symbol of death.

This is true of the Mayan calendar, where the vulture controls the ‘precious storms’ of the dry season, thus ensuring the renewal of plant life and becoming thereby one of the gods of plenty.

For the same reasons vultures were associated with celestial fire as a cleansing and fecundating element.

However, the bird might well have been regarded as a regenerative agency for the life forces contained in decomposing matter and refuse of all sorts from the very fact that it lived off carrion and filth; in other words, as a cleanser or a sorcerer who ensures the cycle of renewal by transforming death into new life.

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This explains why, in their cosmological symbolism, the vulture was associated with water-signs.