Aspergers dating dating a single dad with a toddler

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Aspergers dating

” and if you’ve done your homework, you will have the answer.

Take a close friend or family member with you to offer both moral support and add conviction to your concerns.

All the same, getting a diagnosis as an adult is not always easy, particularly if you are a woman, and you need to do some research before you start.

Here are some tips from those who have been through the process.

Perhaps you’re worrying that you just want to have Asperger’s syndrome, because it would “excuse” all your “failings”. But we know that just because you don’t currently have a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome, doesn’t mean you don’t have Asperger’s syndrome.

Perhaps your friends and family think your interest in Asperger’s syndrome is just your latest obsession (er… Or that you can’t have autism because you’re married, have a job, and/or drive a car (none of this is true! Sadly, even some members of the medical profession are woefully lacking in up-to-date information about adult autism. These are all very real concerns faced by undiagnosed aspies.

They don’t need the piece of paper to prove their autism; they’re confident in their own knowledge that Asperger’s syndrome is what they have, and adjust their lives accordingly. Some us lack that confidence, which is hardly surprising after a lifetime of “being wrong” about everything else.

Some of us need a diagnosis, to prove to ourselves or to others, that “there really is something else”.

If you are reading this page, it’s likely that you’re looking for more information about Asperger’s syndrome, because you suspect you (or a family member) might have it.

You’ve googled it, read the symptoms, and identify with them. Not everyone wants to be labelled with something as defining as autism; but for the rest of us, identifying with Asperger’s syndrome (and maybe going on to get a formal diagnosis) has been the most positive moment in our lives, and provided a crucial turning point.

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