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Archaeological samples will normally be of single entity character (see Ashmore, 1999; Antiquity) and obtained from well-documented contexts. museum specimens) contextual information may be limited.Applicants are expected to furnish detailed identifications of each of the samples proposed for dating (e.g. Calcaneum, or identifications of requested charcoal samples to species).When the application deadline passes, all applications are collated and given a number.A further confirmation email is sent along with letter to be signed on behalf of the Head of Department of the relevant institution.

Three items are required: Pressing ‘Submit’ on the online form brings up a box, allowing the CV and 2000 word document to be attached and sent.It is the normal expectation of the Environment sub-committee that each dated horizon should be justified.Exceptions would be, inter alia, where rangefinder dates are requested to establish the general age of a sequence, or where it is necessary to establish sedimentation rates, and therefore a series of dates more or less equally spaced down a profile would be required.This is usually to one of the two facility secretaries.The application should be clear, concise and the analyses requested must be fully justified.

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However, there is no rigid barrier to archaeologists or environmental scientists requesting multiple entity dates (e.g.