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Plans to make a movie version of the hit E4 series Misfits have finally been abandoned, Radio understands.I got in trouble for the later before and don’t really fancy a repeat performance.If you’re not up to date with the UK showing of Misfits, I’m going to talk about casting and why and how Simon and Alisha may be replaced in the next series/season of this superpowers show like no other.

The episode ends with Kelly, Curtis and two Rudy’s taking their traditional rooftop pose, with an uncertain future ahead.

Could there be any way to bring Simon and Alisha back? Actor Iwan Rheon posted on Facebook; Thanks for all the comments and support.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity that Mis Fits gave me and all the fun I had doing it. I’ve had an amazing time on Misfits – thanks so much for all the support!

But I have left now and look forward to doing exciting new things. I won’t be coming back for series 4 but I can’t wait to see it!

***SPOILERS***SPOILERS***SPOILERS***SPOILERS***SPOILERS***SPOILERS***SPOILERS*** Okay, Americans and spoiler-averse people gone. We has already seen Simon die in , Alisha is killed by someone who is already dead.

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