Andy roddick dating 2016

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The 28-year-old supermodel and actress welcomed her first child with her husband, 33, on Sept. I've never really enjoyed orange juice but it's my one craving."Not to be outdone, Roddick was also looking forward to becoming a dad especially when the due date got closer and closer.

"I'm wearing a tent so it kind of helps the whole pregnancy bump situation but I feel good."She continued, "My only weird craving—it's not even weird—is orange juice.

, Mandy Moore was asked to give marriage advice to her newlywed interviewer.

She admitted that she didn’t “really have any tips for married life” but made one point very clear.

Congratulations to the couple on their happy family news!

Even though she did not confirm the relationship, Mandy Moore did confirm via social media that she and Taylor Goldsmith were spending time together.On her official Instagram page, she posted a picture of Taylor engaged in an apparently enjoyable game of Scrabble with her for “Flashback Friday.” Mandy Moore filed for divorce from songwriter Ryan Adams back in January after being married to him for nearly six years.It is a respectful, amicable parting of ways and both Mandy and Ryan are asking for media to respect their privacy at this time.” An inside source claimed that Mandy worked hard to keep everything “civil” — especially after trying to make things work in the past but eventually feeling the need to walk away from the relationship.Bakc in 2007, Mandy was romantically linked to the late DJ AM for a couple of months. Decker gave birth to a baby boy in Austin Texas, "I feel great, luckily," she explained while trying to conceal her baby bump.

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"And now we're at the point where we just want it to be here."Lucky for them, that moment has finally arrived!

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