Andrew w walker dating

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Andrew w walker dating

Some of us are so far from this desire in our natural abilities that... Read more of this blog post » Now that the elections are over, I'm back to trying to spread #transhumanism, including overseas. Read more of this blog post » Margeaux Quigley can still be America's first woman president in 2032, as predicted in my 2012 political sic-fi thriller, "Queens are Wild."Go Margeaux in 2032!! Read more of this blog post » This past Saturday, my son and I drove down to Austin to attend the Texas Book Festival.

Read more of this blog post » Gorgeous Thursday morning, the 10th of November I know, I know, I'm one big sick puppy -- my level is nearly all Christmasized with wrapped presents filling the room and the landing outside my office as well -- never thought to do that before. Here my work appears in #Portuguese (a major site in Brazil), #Vietmanese, & #Italian: Now that the elections are over, I'm back to trying to spread #transhumanism, including overseas. Read more of this blog post » We have some strange ones here in the States, probably because of the contests going on (sorry, but chicken and waffles - not happening at my house) but across the pond, there's some kooky business with chips aka crisps, going on. I went merely as a visitor; I was not one of the festival authors since I didn’t hear about it until recently.

Here my work appears in #Portuguese (a major site in Brazil), #Vietmanese, & #Italian: The main draw for me was a chance to listen to one of the leading literary voices of the current... Read more of this blog post » Join me tonight at 7pm EST when I take over J. Read more of this blog post » This is the email I got from Amazon regarding my repeated denials for ads: Hello Cornelius, I have received the feedback form the AMS quality team.

Read more of this blog post » I am disheartened with the rioting and unrest following Trump's election. Kenner's Krew to celebrate the release of Tru Blue! They have advised me that your ad has been rejected because books that promote the use of tobacco or tobacco-related products (e.g., e-cigarettes), or...

I'm not the one who published the paperbacks for this series, after all. Read more of this blog post » An old friend from Finland, who has lived in the United States and visited many times, wrote to ask me to explain the results of the presidential election. But this one wasn’t a disruption that came from the tech geniuses in Silicon Valley. Read more of this blog post » The election is over, but, no matter which side you’re on, the results will linger on for some time. But two-- it's for anyone else who feels at all like I do today.Some of you may be deeply disheartened, while others are quietly joyful. In other words, if you're happy with the results to...We all are human (at least most of us), and that means sometimes we really wish we were God.It is natural to want to have the power of a king or queen, the knowledge of God Himself, and supernatural strength, speed, and agility.I am reminded of the civil unrest of my youth-- especially during the Vietnam War, the Democratic Convention of 1968, and the "Days of Rage" created by the Weathermen. Read more of this blog post » Sorry for the delay posting the first four chapters of Into The Fire. Read more of this blog post » Peace has come dropping slow upon the cats as Yeats felt it dropping on the Lake-Isle of Innisfree.

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The actions of those days are related in the last chapte... But the 2016 presidential election has left my friends, family, colleagues, a nation, and the whole world in turmoil. We sold our NC house, which means we mustfind a new house to live in, sohouse hunting is what had me busy last week. I'm longing for a three-cat huddle on mummy - they've all taken to the floor. series books, you know that gnocchi and cheeseburgers with french fries could be counted in that...

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