Amy lee dating history

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Amy lee dating history

The first time being in "A Flight to Remember", where Amy claimed Fry was her boyfriend to prevent her parents from setting her up on terrible dates.

The second time was during "Proposition Infinity", in an attempt to convince Amy's parents that she is no longer robo-sexual.

Another reason, as shown in "Put Your Head On My Shoulder" is to annoy her parents, as they want her to be more ladylike.

She has also dated Bender (to the point of even having sex with him) with whom she nearly married in that same episode but he left her at the end for two robot prostitutes due to Amy wanting a monogamous relationship.She has also shown lesbian interest as when kissing Leela in Bender's Game implying that she is a bisexual.However, she can lose control very easily such as in "The Prisoner of Benda" where she reverted back to becoming fat and put Turanga Leela's body in bad shape when they switched bodies. ", Amy received her doctorate in Applied Physics after being an intern at Planet Express for 12 years, which Professor Farnsworth remarks she was ready 6 years ago but he forgot to tell her.Amy is a cute (though less cute as she has previously had cuteness reduction surgery) young Mars University student who divides her time between her studies as an engineering student and her internship at Planet Express - a post she got because she happens to be the same blood type as Professor Hubert J. Amy's parents, Leo and Inez Wong, own Mars's entire western hemisphere, the best hemisphere on Mars, according to Leo.They make their fortune raising buggalo, a breed of livestock found on Mars.

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They have made a number of donations to Mars University to further Amy's position in the school, so much so that she is a member of the sorority Kappa Kappa Wong.

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