American girl dating muslim man discout dating

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American girl dating muslim man

It kinda looked like Lou Lou or Glamour or some other teen girl magazine… My joy at finding a fancy magazine aimed towards, and featuring, Muslim girls blinded me to any concern about dents to my wallet. Before I launch into a ruthless and scathing critique, let me first say that I think the premise of the magazine is wonderful, and I commend its creators for marshaling the resources and talents to put together such a professional and high-quality publication. And then I had to fork out sixteen dollars to take it home, but what the hey. And then I experienced the sinking feeling of disappointment that you experience after you find out that the person you dreamed of meeting, whom you've now finally met, isn't really what you were expecting or hoping for after all.Sometime last year, I was passing by the magazine rack of a local drugstore when something caught my eye. Additional pieces of the magazine also caught my interest, and I read them carefully. Fun pieces included a “Ramadhaan I Am” quiz, a “Top 10 Ramadhaan Resolutions” list, and short anecdotes submitted by readers about their Ramadhaan experiences with friends, family, and school. ” column's thoughts and tips from readers on how to kick bad habits during Ramadhaan; medical experts' suggestions on how to eat well, stay healthy, and benefit from fasting in every way; a reflection on the spirit of Ramadhaan; and a report on the growing phenomenon of high school and university Fast-A-Thons, sponsored by the Muslim Students' Associations. Features included in the magazine were the “Ask A Girl! They got me at 'Muslim Girl Magazine.' I grabbed it, stared at it some more, and then folded it to my chest with the kind of emotion you usually feel when you've finally met someone whom you dreamt of for years, and now here they are right in front you.

Also appreciated was a full-length interview with sister Ingrid Mattson, who had just been elected as president of ISNA, as well as a short article titled “Finding the Prophet in His People,” by sister Ingrid herself.As I kept going through the magazine and thinking about its readers, however, I just couldn't let it go.Other commendable sections included a Health & Lifestyle Q-&-A column, a feature on cybersafety for Muslim girls, and a full-length report on the admirable work of a Muslim girl who single-handedly founded a non-profit charitable organization for Iraqi children whose lives were devastated by the war. Finally, the travel section was great (a tour through Turkey), and I really liked a cute little page titled “Girl Space,” about the girls and their relationship with their masajid.The Bad Stuff With all the good stuff in the magazine, I thought at first that the bad stuff would be minimal, or at least easy to gloss over. The magazine begins with an editorial introducing the issue's theme, which is Ramadhaan.

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There was also some vague notion about my duty to the readers of Muslim Matters to bring attention to and analyse relevant media issues… The layout is fantastic, the photography is top-notch, the entire thing is impressive and, at a glance, it's almost everything I dreamed that a Muslim girl's magazine would look like. The Good Stuff Let me be fair and at least give credit where credit is due.