African networks dating

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African networks  dating

Apart from the global conglomerates, we’ve already seen the rise of some local social platforms like SA’s mobile social network 2go and Nigerian dating site Friendite, so competition is quite tough and the space a bit crowded.Mxit is gearing itself towards a more all-in-one social, chat network and was overtaken by 2go’s user number in October last year. The site is called Me Sociable and seems to aim for something in between Facebook and Linked In; with a focus on boosting social updates and the ability to leverage business awareness.Me Sociable promises good user experience and easy procedures.For some time now it has always been the men's job to make the date. Personally I was surprised by the amount of emotion in the South Africans, myself included.It says that there are already a bunch of good social networks in Africa but hopes that it’s unique user experience will make it stand out from the rest.The site relies on what’s called the Me Sociable Stream which is similar to your news feed on Facebook.

Considering our emotions Me Sociable provides secure service that you can manage your friend circle securely.There is no need to worry about security.” Me Socialble has a mobile app but traction on that front seems to be slim since it launched 22 May this year.Furthermore, Me Socialble emphasises the fact that companies can leverage the tools to improve brand awareness, market their products for free and gain traction through specific markets.In a recent press release, Me Sociable explains the need for security: “We are emotionally attached with our friends and can’t tolerate that our conversation have been tracking by any other person.By connecting with specific friend circles of your choice, you can easily track conversations and topics of interest.

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