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Having moved through several chapters over the course of the past decade, the band prepares for a new one as the couple prepares for the birth of their second son and to celebrate with a few last shows before an indefinite hiatus. There was sort of the early courting phase, the marriage chapter, the first baby chapter, and now another baby chapter. I wrote our first record Gasoline from a total storyteller perspective.

The Hard Lessons did what bands set out to do, they crossed the country several times over, toured Europe, played festivals, were featured on magazine covers, and built a legion of fans around every stage they played.

Along the way, their sound grew, expanded, and experimented, pushed into new places and became the soundtrack to much more than a rock band.

We like to keep our classes small and our value big.

Owens offers an affordable, quality education to those seeking an associate degree, certificate or professional development.

If the phrase would have been around in the mid-to-late 2000’s, you could have probably said that The Hard Lessons ‘broke the internet,’ at least in the regional Detroit area.

At the center, the foundation are The Hard Lessons. It was an emotional experience because my entire adult life is etched in vinyl.

Augie and Ko, along with Toledo's own Steve Warstler on drums, have built a life around music, and music around a life. The Hard Lessons play their final Toledo show (at least for a while) at the Ottawa Tavern (1516 Adams St) on Friday, December 19. In keeping with the theme of the night, Toledo-based rock duo Silent Lions will also perform their final show before they retreat to reform under a new name and a new sound. Perhaps planned or not, the story of this band has come to kind of "chapter" (if I can use that as a verb) around you and Ko's life events. Was there a moment when you decided to bring that personal aspect into the music, or did it just happen organically?

The band pressed its sweat and soul into fresh vinyl, CDs, cassette tapes and into their album artwork, instruments, and most of all, their acclaimed live shows.

In every sense, The Hard Lessons ‘made it,’ right in the middle of an unprecedented time when the great American music industry was unraveling. Undaunted, the band created its own form of success, on the forefront of a new music industry that changed the way bands and fans interacted. Korin Louise and Augie Visocchi keys and guitar, respectively the band documented the lives of two young people finding their way simultaneously as artists, as a adults, as people, and as a couple. Over the last decade plus of The Hard Lessons (I still have a hard time believing it myself) we have put every ounce of ourselves into every show we've ever played. Very early on we started making every show an event.

Owens is a community college that focuses on your success; in fact, it's our mission.

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