Adam and eve dating

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Given the context of God scattering humanity over the whole face of Earth, this statement probably refers to the time when the Bering land bridge became the Bering Strait.

Best Biblical Dates for Adam and Eve Using the numbers associated with the genealogies in Genesis, Exodus, Kings, and Chronicles, Ussher and Lightfoot determined that Adam was created on October 23 at 9 a.m., 45th meridian time, in 4004 BC.

Their determination presumed that these genealogies were exhaustive—with no generations missing. Though the biblical genealogies offer little help in establishing Adam’s creation date, three other biblical clues do.

The creation of Adam would have occurred much earlier yet.

, a nude dating show format created by Dutch group Eyeworks.

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Commercial broadcasters RTL in Germany and Cuatro in Spain have commissioned local versions of the show, which was a hit in its original airing in the Netherlands on RTL5.

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