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Aaron ashmore dating

Aaron was born one minute before his twin, Shawn Ashmore, in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.He is the son of homemaker Linda and manufacturing engineer Rick.They have been offered different roles to play, and they are looking a lot less identical, now that they are growing older. Aaron is now more sturdily built, with a broader face and broad shoulders. But it was always, 'Do your school work first,' that sort of thing.

It didn't take long for the problem of rejection to arise. No, it’s not the fact that Jinks is gay and Ashmore is straight.The twins started out in commercials, sometimes by themselves and sometimes together.When they were 12, Aaron got an offer to be in a commercial, but he fell ill on that day, and Shawn went in his brother's place.Ever since then, Shawn's career has always been 1 step in front of his brother's.

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Since high school, when they were routinely mixed up with one another, their talents have become a lot less identical.

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