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Brett Hill one of the wellness guys is interviewed by the Up for A Chatters about his work, his love, his way of thinking and his future.Brett talks about what he loves about woman, and its that belief in themselves that is the mo.What drives someone to open a cafe, parent 2 children alone, get a degree in psychology and anthropology, counsel in psychology on domestic violence, finish Twenty8 HLE program and the Changing Habits Online Nutrition Course (first graduate),200th Episode – friends, tears, laughs, giggles, stories and cutting edge information on diet, fads, essential oils, mindset mastery, physical challenges and much more have been the theme of the Up For A Chat podcasts for the past 4 years.He is the expert in Autoimmunity and has written the best selling book the Autoimmune Fix Kim spoke at the local screening of Embrace along with Suzi, they were floored by the disrespect many people in the film had, in despising their bodies and themselves.The conversation begins with where did this dislike come from what are the outside.These girls are about challenging the norm and challenging traditions.

And most importantly this trio of girls are a reminder that learning can be fun!!Dr Tom has been influential in Kim and Cyndi’s education regarding health and wellbeing, he is so busy that it has taken months to pin him down for an interview.Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall when three international speakers, best-selling authors and celebrated business women get together and have a chat discussing issues on health, wellbeing, relationships and mindset?Well here's your chance to hear a trio of professional specialists working with the guys on the Wellness Couch - and they're up for a chat!They are your professional reminders teaching new truths about health, discussing issues you have thought about - even issues you may not have thought about.

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Up For A Chat is not just facts, figures and status quo this podcast series is about thinking outside the square, doing things differently so that you can make a difference in your life, in your families life, and not become a sickness statistic mentally, emotionally and physically.

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